I am the next Oprah.

Fact: cynicism is "in."

It's way cool to by a cynic. It's charming and for some reason that snideness gives people a certain air, though they remain "just like us" - cynics are just regular folks with an admirably cold realism in their mindset.

I thought it was pretty awesome to be a cynic at first. But I have now grown and learned that I am really not cynical. I don't face life with that bitter smile. I believe that people can alone be good for the sake of being good, without feeling morally obligated to pay back some debt they've convinced themselves they owe to the greater good/God/world/fate/karma/etc.

It's doubtlessly naive of me to have such faith in human beings, but I really do think that we're not all bad. Personally, I've stopped telling myself I'm worthless, puny, and undeserving in the grand scheme of things, or under the eye of God. It's because, to me, I am my own grand scheme of things, and I do believe that I am the one making my life worthwhile or not.

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