I have a new 80GB black iPod Classic. It is truly a thing of beauty. No matter how much my subconscious anarchist asshole inner self tells me I'm being a trendwhore teenager by getting one, I'm still admiring myself in the new, perfect mirror that is the silvery back of this wondrous music machine. Even the trendy yuppie-esque black leather case it's sitting in can't diminish its pure awesome.

What else is new? I read a good book: The Gum Thief, by Douglas Coupland. I'm back from camping. I really need a haircut. My brother's coming over sometime tonight. Mom's angry.

That one's not too new, and honestly I'm not sure what I did this time... but I had a revelation yesterday: This is like having Hugo Weaving's face as my mother. She always looks annoyed, and damn if I can tell whether she actually is or not. Usually she is. But on the off chance that she's actually not silently fuming at the world, and I assume that she is, she gets doubly pissed.

What is it with Asian mothers? They draw all these crazy lines everywhere and if you even cross one of them in your head, they know(!), and it's like Thor has found a suitable human host through whom to channel his supreme Norse wrath.


Too Much Hugo Weaving

1. Quels adjectifs te décrivent?
- Je pense qu je suis égoïste, indépendante, et un peu créative. (Comme Agent Smith.)